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Work Stop

"Introducing The King Of Workstops"

An amazing new and advanced Work Stop Tool for CNC Machine Centers, milling machines and drill presses that will solve 80% or more of your machine and job set-up problems fast and forever. Guaranteed!

  • Quick/Universal Machine Installation
  • Versatile Job Applications
  • Fast Set-up Time
  • Quick and Accurate Repetitive Positioning
  • Single Mount - Swivels
  • Locks in Rigid

6" Stopper | 8" Stopper | 10" Stopper


Stop Wasting Time, Increase Efficiency and Make More Money For Your Business. Guaranteed!!

Hello Fellow Machinists and Machine Shop Owners

My name is Rudi Pankratz. I have been involved in the machine industry for twenty-six years as a machinist and a machine shop owner. Since we share similar business activities, concerns and problems it give me great pleasure to introduce to you the "Ultimate" 5-Axis Workstop tool and how your machine shop can benefit from its use and how you can increase your business profits.

The Problems with Common Workstops Today

For all of my twenty-six years in the machine industry, I have been continually frustrated, annoyed, and angered by the many problems and inadequacy associated with the use of common work stops. The limited effectiveness and need for multiple various types of work stops on a specific or individual job was always an ongoing problem. The time wasted in machine and job set-up totaled many hours of wasted productivity on a weekly basis. This continual annoying problem was costing me a small fortune in wasted business profits. So I took the bull by the horns and fixed the problem. If the waste of time is an important issue to you, my stopper will help you stop this problem. I have the solution!

The Solution - The "Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop

The 5-Axis Work Stop is a new and advanced tool that has been specifically designed to meet and defeat the problems faced by almost every type of other milling work stop used in today's machine shop. The 5-Axis Work Stop is made from quality aircraft aluminum, stainless steel and quality components and is produced on CNC machines. The components and process produce a high-strength, accurate and long life span in each tool manufactured. This is no ordinary work stop tool. Once you own the "Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop, you will eliminate the need for and use of numerous work stops previously required. The use of my new advanced Work Stop too will significatly reduce wasted time (money) and increase efficiency in your machine shop You will enjoy the benefits and increased business profits from the use of my stopper as I and hundreds of other machinists and machine shop owners already have. I Guarantee it!<'/p>Compact and Quick Installation

The stopper is extemely compact in size and single mounts simply and quickly via t-nut to any size table base or machine. It requires minimum table area allowing machinists maximum table room for additional 5-Axis Work Stops or vises. As well, work stop interference with the machine tooling is elimnated.

Pivoting and Positioning Rigid Locking System

The 5-Axis pivoting/positioning and rigid locking system of the stopper make it very versatile for many types of job applications with fast setup time. The stopper locks in extemely rigid, quickly and easily by securing two allen bolts with a long arm allen key (included).

Adjustable Stop Bar

The stopper has an adjustable stop bar that is 8 inches long with a ball end and is easily maneuvered into many different positions.

Maximum Access and Accurate Positioning

The tested and proven design of the 5-Axis Work Stop give it maximum access in hard to reach areas with accurate repetitive positing.

Hundreds of Happy Machinists and Machine Shops Owners Discover and Are Now Using The Amazing 5-Axis Work Stop Tool

We ha ove hundreds of Happy customers every month who upon learning of the existence of my new and advanced work stop tool take action and test drive this amazing stopper. These open minded progressive individuals inur profession realized the superior design and now profit from its use in their machine ship. You can too? I urge you to give the 5-Axis Work Stop a chance and see for yourself, first hand, how you too can stop wasting time and money and increase your business profits quickly and easily!

What the "Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop is Not

Be advised I am not claiming that my Workstop is the only Workstop you will ever need in your machine shop again. It has its job limitations as well. However, the many features and benefits of the 5-Axis Work Stop make it extremely universal and versatile for most jobs on any CNC machine center, milling machine and drill press. You will eliminate the need for up to 80% (or more) of multiple other common workstops normally used and required. You will be absolutely amazed by its features and benefits.

Don't Get Left Behind, Take Action!

Warning: If you decide to pass and not take immediate action, and not say yes to test driving the 5-Axis Work Stop, be advised that you will be flushing $50 or $100 bills on a regular daily/weekly basis right down the drain. Would you walk past a single or stack of $50 or $100 bills laying on the ground or on your machine shop floor and just look at them, then look away and keep walking, thinking nothing of it? Or, would you put the brakes on, grab the cash, and investigate if your amazing find was a fake or the real thing? So, once again I urge you to take action now and not put off for even one day the decision of saying yes to test driving my stopper. Get the facts and proof first hand in your own machine shop. Seeing is believing! You won't be disappointed!

Your Return on Investment

The Bottom Line is that the "Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop tool is an investment not an expense that will pay for itself very quickly and many times over. I promise you that the minimal amount of money you invest in my Work Stop Tool(s) will pay out profitable, short and long term returns for years to come. It has for me and can for you too. You really can't afford not to invest in this work stop tool.

Here's How Much and How to Get the "Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop tool Working for You

Right now, you can order my amazing Work Stop Tool for only $159 plus shipping and handling.

$159 is really a painless drop-in-the-bucket compared to the money you're going to lose without this amazing stopper in your machine shop. So, if you're really serious about maximizing profits in your machine shop business, you can't wait. You need to take immediate action now!

Discover the Truth For YourselfDiscover the truth - how you too, like many other machinists and machine shop owners can save massive amounts of time and greatly increase efficiency with the amazing "Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop.

I guarantee you will love the "Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop!


Rudi Pankratz, President


P.S.When you purchase the "Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop you receive A One Machinerys unconditional NO RISK, NO HASSLE satisfaction guarantee. This tool is an investment, not an expense, that will pay for itself many times over. You owe it to yourself to investigate this offer and the Amazing 5-Axis Work Stop Tool.

P.P.S. Check out our SPECIAL OFFERS for some great deals. All offers are limited so don't delay. Order your " Ultimate" 5-Axis Work Stop Tool(s) now! You won't be disappointed!! Guaranteed.


6" Stopper

Recommended for use on small machining centers, small milling machines, etc. Maximum vise size 6". View Specifications

8" Stopper

Recommended for use on machining centers, milling machines, drill presses, etc. Maximum vise size 8". View Specifications

10" Stopper

Recommended for big jobs with bigger parts. View Specifications

  1. Awesome Review by Doug Newton

    With the small footprint of the 5-Axis Work Stop I was able to put 4 Chuck vises on my machine table, and still had adequate room for eight 5-Axis Work Stops. (Posted on 3/14/2013)

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